The best barbecue in the west can found in Southern Utah! Yori “Big Lud” Ludvigson set up shop at Dixie Technical College to share some of his favorite barbecue dishes with GTU and viewers. Although he has been smoking barbecue for over three decades, Ludvigson recently started selling his barbecue from his festive food truck, and cruises all over the area. His business is named after himself, “Big Lud’s Barbecue.” Each item on Ludvigson’s menu has been smoked for several hours and is smoked to perfection. “If it’s not right, we don’t put it out,” said Ludvigson. “You can’t believe the hours that go behind one good brisket.”~ Good New Utah

Our award winning Brisket Chili 


YUM!!! 🤤 The ribs and brisket were so flavorful and tender. Perfect amount of fat dripping from the juicy smoked meat. The baked beans were amazing as well!! The staff were so friendly and they gave us a pretty big sample to try while we were in line trying to decide what to order. Everything looked so good! We will definitely be back!! (In the parking lot just South of Kneaders)


These nachos were probably one of the best things I have ever ate! They were so good! We also ordered a 2 meat and 2 side plate. We got the pulled pork, brisket, baked beans and cheesy potatoes. It was all excellent and I would highly recommend this place. We will definitely be back!


 FINALLY!! St George has a FANTASTIC place to grab some incredible BBQ! Big Lud’s is the best food truck in town, and some of the best BBQ I’ve had outside of Texas. I’ve had just about everything they offer. Today I went for the ribs and was about ready to pour some BBQ sauce on that meat…but the flavor of the ribs was just too incredible to mess with, so I ate it without the sauce! Well done, Big Lud’s! (Sorry I ate so quickly that I only have the “After” photo 🤤)

Jake Kleiner

My daughter and I ate at Big Luds BBQ today. Can I just say that all the hype of it isn’t quite accurate. It’s sooooo much better than what you’ve heard!! I love BBQ so I got the 2 meat plate with ribs and brisket. The meat was so tender it fell right off the bone and melted in my mouth! The beans were THE BEST I’ve ever had and the baked Mac n cheese will please the pickiest eater! My daughter got the loaded nachos and they were so dang good!! My only regret is that my stomach isn’t big enough to fit all the deliciousness inside! The portions are generous for the price paid. Money well spent!!

Tonya Walker

This BBQ food truck was awesome! My husband is picky about BBQ places and he couldn’t get enough of Big Lud’s brisket. The meat on the ribs just fell off the bone and practically melted in your mouth. The cheesy potatoes were my favorite side! Highly recommend, giving it 5 stars.


This is a six star establishment! It pains me to only give them five stars! Seriously the best smoked chicken and spicy sausage around, and those ribs should be accepted as legal tender. Wow that is good just doesn’t cover it! If you haven’t made your way over there, you better hurry brisket sells out early!

Ryan Davis

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