Smoked Cream Cheese


  • Philadelphia cream cheese
  • Apple Wood Smoked Olive Oil

Suggested rubs to use (one per cream cheese block)

  • Holy Voodoo Seasoning
  • Cajun Red Seasoning
  • Killer Hogs Seasoning
  • Cherry Habanero Seasoning
  • Cinnamon & Sugar


Step 1

Set smoker to 225 degrees (or between 180-250 to your liking)

Step 2

Score the top of your cream cheese about ¼ inch deep

Step 3

Cover lightly with apple wood smoked olive oil and season fairly heavily all over on all sides

Step 4

Smoke for 2 hours. You can let it chill or eat warm.

Step 5

Dig in. Man is it good, or what.


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